Comfort packs

Project aim:

Packs for various groups in crisis – i.e. survivors of rape and abuse survivors (women, men and children) arriving at shelters / emergency rooms.

Packs to be used by trauma workers when they have to collect abandoned babies or are called out to a crime scene.

Ad hoc bags are also done to support others in crisis where these bags can make a difference such as old age homes, children’s homes, etc.

Objective of the project:

To provide a rape and abuse survivors with essential items to assist them during the initial reporting process at the police station. Once a statement is taken and the medical examination completed the rape survivor will be given the opportunity to clean up.  Everything needed for this process will be in the bag.  Any clothing containing DNA will be kept by the police, so clean underwear is an essential item in the bags. Where possible, additional clothing will also be provided to the crisis centres.

In most instances when women arrive at shelters, they do not have any personal belongings with them.  These bags will provide something which is their own with essential contents which they can use on arrival.  At times these women have their children with them, so special bags for the children will also be prepared.

These bags will be provided to the Victim Empowerment Centres (VECs) linked to police stations, hospitals, Rape Crisis Centres and the various shelters in the province.

For more information about what the different packs contain, you can have a look on EPIC Foundation’s website: Comfort packs