Education and experience



  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology with specialization in Psychological Counselling – UNISA
  • Bachelor of Arts (Health Sciences & Social Services) with specialization in Psychological Counselling – Cum Laude – UNISA
  • Advanced course in Play Intervention – Centre for Play Therapy and Training
  • Sexuality and Sexual Abuse Certificate – University of Pretoria
  • Suicide Awareness and Intervention Certificate – Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute


I started my private practice in 2017 and see clients after hours and on Saturdays.

I have been working in a corporate environment since 2001 and have 19 years experience working in an environment with people of different backgrounds, races and nationalities.  This combined with the knowledge from my studies and private practice enables me to:

  • Effectively assess and manage different people’s personalities
  • Handle various conflict situations
  • Support people through difficult times
  • Give guidance where needed
  • Listen and conclude if someone is in trouble and needs help
  • Come to conclusions about people and advise them how to make changes within themselves to become mentally healthy again

I’ve been volunteering at various Children’s Homes and the experience gained enables me to:

  •  Asses if a child needs specific guidance or professional help
  •  Build relationships with children who come from broken homes
  •  Earn their respect and trust by showing them warmth and love
  •  Guide them to open up about events in a way that is comfortable for them
  •  Be a mentor and positive role model

When working with children I focus on play intervention and make use of various techniques to encourage them to open up in a way that feels comfortable for them.  It is an informal environment and children experience it as “fun/play sessions”.