Volunteer work – EPIC Foundation


The main objective of the EPIC Foundation will be the management of various projects and initiatives aimed at assisting victims of rape and abuse, which will include women in shelters. Other ad hoc projects will also be undertaken to help people in crisis and support other charities.


We live in a society where people often find themselves in difficulty due to trauma, crime, unemployment and other circumstances beyond their control. Everyone has the right to be given assistance to help work through these hard times and to be empowered to uplift their lives. It is our mission to put projects and tools in place to make this possible for men, women and children.


Comfort packs
Step up
Fairy Godmother
Charities 4 Change


Support groups and counselling
Motivational talks
Education and awareness campaigns
Legal advice and court preparations
Self-Defense workshops

For more information on how you can get involved you can have a look on EPIC Foundation’s website: Get involved