Fairy Godmother

Project aimed at:

Underprivileged girls in their matric year who do not have the financial means to buy a matric farewell dress.  Some of these girls end up not going to the farewell due to their circumstances.

Objective of the project:

To make a difference in the lives of these girls by giving them the opportunity to attend their matric farewell, by supplying them with an evening dress, evening jewellery and evening bag and, where possible, shoes.

Donations of evening dresses, matric farewell dresses, cocktail dresses, evening bags, jewellery and shoes have been requested from the community.

Schools will be approached to identify the girls and “fitting days” will be arranged.  No money will be requested from these girls and the dresses will not be given back to the Foundation. Only one thing will be requested from them and that will be to “pay it forward” to a girl who they know would need it the next year.