Project aimed at:

Women who have been housed in various shelters

Objective of the project:

Normally shelters only house woman for three to six months, depending on the severity of their case.  After this period they have to enter society again, with many of them not having jobs or any means to support themselves, thus they end up going back to the abusive homes they fled.

The aim of this project is to get sponsorship for secondary homes to allow these women an extra year after leaving the shelter.

During the time in this home, the following steps will be taken to enable them to fully support themselves once they have completed their time in the house.

  • Continue with counselling for them
  • Have them assessed to determine their abilities and interest fields
  • Have training organisations sponsor costs for courses, training
  • To run the “Dare to Dream” program for them as a tool to help them realise their dreams, set goals and identify ways to work towards achieving those goals
  • Have recruitment agents to assist them in finding suitable employment
  • To look at companies sponsoring entrepreneurs with small business (and earn points towards their BEE status with this)
  • Establish and maintain support groups and counselling for these ladies